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Welcome to Apple Valley Driving School, located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia with classroom on Acadia University campus, and serving the public in the local area

PLEASE NOTE:  to help alleviate the spread of COVID-19 (and in keeping with Access NS / RMV) we are suspending lessons until June 14, 2020.  We will resume lessons AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, if all is well.  Please stay safe.

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and Car for Road Test*

For the student who already has a good base of knowledge or has been practice driving for many hours or, is coming in from a different province or country where they drove regularly. 

We will teach you all you need to know to take the Provincial Road Test and provide you with a car for the test.* We suggest that you get your road test booked first with Access NS, then book with us. 

This service is $140 (incl tax) for the two-hour lesson, plus $140 (incl tax) for the one-hour warm-up lesson prior to the use of our car for the road test*.  This is a total of $280.  In most cases, we pick you up at your door, or we set a meeting point with you.

Driving Lesson


25 / 10 Full Driver Education Course

New learners receive ten hours of instruction in the car as well as 25 hours of classroom study.  Thus, '25/10'.

Curriculum includes: defensive driving; rules of the road; rights of way; signage; road test day; licensing rules; basic vehicle maintenance; insurance needs; adverse conditions; unusual occurrences and emergency preparedness.

This course price includes one free use of our car for the provincial road test.*

Price: $720, taxes included


Driving School


For 'N' and Demerit Deduction

The Canada Safety Council 6-hour Defensive Driving Classroom Course . It is for those who did not take the 25/10 (above) and it will help you get the 'N' or demerits off your licence.  It is a 6-hour classroom course that does NOT help with insurance discounting like the 25/10 does

Price: $125 (incl tax)

We are taking names of folks needing this course and will deliver it as soon as it is safe to do so

Text / call / email Marti (Owner) 902-698-2332

Private one-on-one course available for those in an urgent situation.  Send your available dates and times and we will set up a 6-hour course just for you, alone (when it is safe to do so).  $310 (incl tax)


We accept e-transfer and cash

Prices (all prices include tax)

  • 25/10 Driver Education Program for new learners: $720

  • Road test preparation, 4 hours including use of car for road test: $280;

  • Senior lesson and assessment: $70;

  • Refresher or confidence building: $70 per hour;

  • Snow lesson: $70 per hour;

  • Standard-shift lesson (in your car) $70 per hour;

  • Halifax city lesson, 4 hours (can be shared): $280

  • Canada Safety Council 6-hour classroom - Defensive Driving Course: $125

  • Private Defensive Driving Course: $310

  • Ride to Access NS, (pickup, wait and return) $30 ($40 for two, $45 for three);

  • NS Driver Handbook $15 

*Apple Valley Driving School reserves the right to not permit the use of our car for the road test if we feel that the student is not ready or is unsafe; as well:  

25/10 students must first complete all 4 days of the classroom and all students must pay all fees as per payment structure in order to qualify for the free use of our car for the road test.


  • To purchase your knowlege or road test payment letters  (you will need to print them)

  • The NS Driver Handbook FREE online:

Driving Lesson

We founded Apple Valley Driving Schools with one goal in mind: giving our students the best customer service and well-rounded learning experience possible.

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